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Safety, productivity and the right to operate are priorities for open cut mine research. We have supported work on an automated swing loading system for electric shovels, the science of rehabilitation and minimising mining impacts on neighbouring communities.

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AC Motor Duty Meter For Excavating Machines: Feasibility Study

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Author: Galina Mirzaeva | The University of Newcastle

The Australian mining industry has started to adopt AC-driven electrical excavators, draglines and electric rope shovels. This transition is expected to continue and possibly accelerate, necessitating development of condition monitoring tools for AC machines in digging applications.

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AC Motor Duty Meter for excavating machines: Part 2 (prototype)

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Author: Galina Mirzaeva | The University of Newcastle

Australian mining industry is adopting AC motors with variable speed drives in various applications, including shuttle cars, continuous miners, shearers, as well as excavating machines, such as draglines and electric rope shovels. This transition is expected to continue and possibly accelerate, ....  read more


Acoustic Sensing for Mobile Machinery Using Laser Vibrometers

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Author: David Apolo, David John & Karsten Hoehn | Mining3

The ability to increase the accuracy and effectiveness of monitoring the condition of mobile machinery has been a long held vision of the mining industry. Traditional condition monitoring techniques of mobile machinery typically require the interruption of normal operations, often resulting in ....  read more


Advanced Signal Processing Tools for ShafTest

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Author: Adam Van Dyck, Heath Raftery, Guy Cotterill | CCI Pope

The SHAFTEST system utilizes a novel approach for the collection and presentation of ultrasonic shaft defect information, by which the normally complex task of monitoring the condition of large shafts and pins is simplified. The collection and recording of results are more accurate and ....  read more


Alternative Rope Materials for Dragline Application

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Author: Olaf Rutgrink | AMOG

This research study focuses on dragline ropes and the feasibility of substituting steel wire ropes with light weight, high performance synthetic fibre ropes.


By conducting this study into alternative rope materials significant areas of benefit have been identified for existing ....  read more


An Improved System for Dragline Rope Condition Monitoring

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Author: Erika Margetson, Adam VanDyck | Bureau Veritas Asset Integrity and Reliability Services

In stage one of this project it was demonstrated that it is feasible to use magnetostrictive transducer technologies to generate ultrasonic energy in wire ropes of up to 77mm in diameter and for this energy to be transmitted through the rope and socketing assembly.  The report on stage one ....  read more


Application of Environmentally Friendly Lubricants to Open Cut Mining Machines

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Author: Will Scott, Keith Sherwood | QUT

New lubrication specifications are needed to improve the quality of lubricants used in the mining industry.  The mining industry spends more than $20 million a year on lubricants, however, lubrication specifications for machinery are inadequate. ....  read more


Application of StressVision Technology to Dragline Booms

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Author: Adam Van Dyck | Bureau Veritas Asset Integrity and Reliability Services Pty Ltd

Dragline Booms are commonly cited as one of the highest risk assemblies in open cut mining operations. Most operations incorporate a rigorous NDT regime for dragline booms to ensure that risk of in-service boom failure is properly managed.

This project aims to add value to existing NDT ....  read more


Bucket Imaging During Rope Shovel Operations

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Author: Eleonora Widzyk-Capehart, Graham Brooker, Ross Hennessy, Craig Lobsey, Allison McDonald | CRCMining

Bucket fillability in open cut mining operations has a major influence on the productivity of electric rope shovels. The characteristics of bucket filling can be described in terms of the amount and distribution of material in the bucket and the ease of the digging operation. The enhanced ....  read more


Chronic Problem Areas, Repair Quality and Improved Repairs for Dragline Structurals

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Author: Daya Dayawansa, Brian Kerezsi, Gerard Chitty, John Price, Henry Bartoseiwicz | MTI, Monash University

The chronic failures and repairs of field plant structurals have been investigated with a particular emphasis on BE1370 and Marion dragline structurals. The investigation steps included:

  • Review of history of structural failures, their classification and mapping
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Collision Control and Avoidance for Electric Mining Shovels

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Author: Ross McAree, PM Siegrist | CRCMining

This report details the development and demonstration of a collision control technology for P&H-class mining shovels that minimizes the frequency and severity of dipper collisions between the bucket, crawler tracks and floor. The work was funded by ACARP as project C15038.

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Condition Monitoring & Predictive Maintenance Using Artificial Intelligence Technologies

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Author: Richard Marshall | Endellion Technology

The main objective of this project was to demonstrate how subsets of Artificial Intelligence technologies can play a role in reducing the time and cost of processing mine site condition monitoring data, and increasing the number of corrective actions being deployed to the mining fleet to ....  read more


DC Motor Duty Meter

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Author: Galina Mirzaeva | University of Newcastle

Compared to other machines, DC machines are relatively complex, since they require a commutator to mechanically rectify large armature currents. This mechanical commutation is inherently a source of maintenance and lost time. However, the robustness and simplicity of control of DC machines, ....  read more


Demonstration of a Dragline Boom Strengthened With Pre-impregnated Composites

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Author: Guillaume Bunel | Industrial Catalyst Composites Mining

Fatigue cracking in structural members is one of the primary causes of unscheduled downtime in mining equipment. The boom-mast structural system of draglines is vulnerable to fatigue failures. In order to maintain or improve operational reliability and availability throughout the service life ....  read more


Design and Evaluation of a Passive Structural Fatigue Gauge

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Author: Ian Stevenson, Carlos Gonzalez | EngAnalysis

Metal fatigue is an important consideration in the open cut coal mining industry due to the prevalence of heavy-duty machinery and harsh operating conditions intrinsic to mining operations. Cyclic loading and environmental stresses can accelerate metal fatigue, leading to premature equipment ....  read more


Design, Construction and Commissioning of Tyre Handler Test Apparatus

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Author: Stephen Joseph, Peter Knights, Michael Heitzmann, Lenny McInnes | University of Queensland

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Development of a Centre Loading Blade

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Author: David Hall | Yardhurst

The objective of this project was to evaluate the concept of using a spade nosed dozer blade in dozer push applications. The research was undertaken in trials working alongside Caterpillar D11R Carry Blades.  The research showed that the blade had increased fill capacities, reduced load ....  read more


Development of a Smart Condition Monitoring Sensor System for Variable Speed Machinery

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Author: Mingfei Lou | Vipac Engineers & Scientists

The objective of this project was is to design and develop a wireless 'smart' condition monitoring sensor system for variable speed machinery.   This system includes four parts, A Smart Sensor, A Transceiver, PC and A Communication Module. The smart Sensor automatically ....  read more


Development of a Smart, Cheap, Autonomous Condition Monitoring Sensor

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Author: Mingfei Luo | Vipac

The objective of this project was to design, develop and demonstrate a 'smart' autonomous self-contained sensor, which does not require external cabling.

First stage, this Smart Sensor would be suited to ....  read more


Development of a Smart, Cheap, Autonomous Condition Monitoring Sensor System: Stage 2

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Author: Mingfei Lou | Vipac Engineers & Scientists

The objective of this project is to design and develop a ?smart' autonomous condition monitoring sensor system, which does not require external cabling .

This Smart Sensor system can automatically detect machine conditions using a completely selfcontained wireless machine ....  read more


Development Of Heavy Maintenance Manipulator For Dragline Jewellery Repair

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Author: Peter Milani, John Billingsley | University of Southern Queensland

The project's objective was to develop a tele-operated manipulator prototype, in order to separate workers from the hazards of heavy maintenance, in particular, dragline jewellery maintenance. Dragline jewellery maintenance presents a high level of HSEC risk to maintenance personnel. ....  read more


Dragline Dutymeter

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Author: Paul Meehan, Zhuan Guan, Hal Gurgenci | CMTE

The aim of the project was to develop, build and demonstrate an on-line Dragline Duty Monitor (Dragline Dutymeter) prototype to continuously monitor the operation and log the incremental damage on the machine caused by present operating practices and the current operating regime.

The ....  read more


Dragline Machine House Cooling and Dust Control

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Author: Bruce Manser, Nigel Maxwell | BMT WMB

This study has led to the development of a computerised method whereby the efficacy of the ventilation system on draglines can be evaluated by determining whether there is adequate air movement throughout the machine house to remove the heat generated by the drives and MG sets. This approach ....  read more


Dragline Machine House Dust Control

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Author: Bruce Manser, Mike Costello | BMT WBM Pty Ltd

A study has been undertaken into the performance of dust filtration systems on draglines to establish the pros and cons of each system in relation to intake air configurations, fan and motor arrangements, dust filtration elements and scavenge system layouts.

As a result of the study, ....  read more


Dragline Rope Life Extension

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Author: Daya Dayawansa, Fidelis Marshiri, Mahinda Juruppu, Henry Bartosiewicz | MTI, Monash University

A detailed analysis conducted by MTI in 2002 on dragline maintenance costs identified dragline ropes, including suspension, IBS, drag, hoist and dump ropes, to be a major driver of maintenance costs. These account for 10-15% of the total maintenance costs, and amounts to ~$300K per annum ....  read more


Dragline/Shovel Bucket Teeth Retainer System

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Author: Rodney Clarke | Keech Castings Australia

Current above ground mining practices in open cut / strip mining requires the topsoil or 'over-burden to be removed so as to provide easy access to the target material ie coal and ore. Over-burden can be removed by numerous methods, but is predominantly performed by the walking draglines ....  read more


DynaCut Fundamental Development and Scalability Testing

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Author: Dihon Tadic, Joji Quidim, Isaac Dzakpata | Mining3

The primary aim of this project was to validate the performance of the DynaCut rock cutting technology in representative overburden materials, to de-risk further work towards an up-scaled high capacity overburden mining system. A secondary component aimed to investigate new mining approaches ....  read more


Getting the Most Out of Current Dragline Booms Safely

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Author: Daya Dayawansa, Brian Kerezwsi, Gerard Chitty | MTI, Monash University

Investigations conducted on dragline boom structures by MTI have shown that there has been a lack of clear understanding of the main parameters affecting the strength and loading of this structural system. The loading and design criteria used for the original design of the structures ....  read more


Human Aspects of Automation and New Technology in Mining: Integrating People and Technology Through Human-Centred Design

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Author: Robin Burgess-Limerick, Tim Horberry, Danellie Lynas, Andrew Hill and Joel Haight | The University of Queensland, University of Pittsburgh

This work explores human aspects of automation and new technology in coal mining, and how people and technology can be better integrated though the use of human centred design to help reduce safety and health risks.

Section 1 describes mining equipment automation and outlines the ....  read more


In-situ Inspection of Dragline Boom Support Strands

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Author: Roger Metcalfe, Peter Stepien, Adrian Bastiani, Roger Costanzi, Pierre Gouhier | Bureau Veritas, ResTech

Failure of a dragline boom support strands can have catastrophic consequences for the equipment leading to damage and downtime. Currently, in-situ inspection of the boom support strands is undertaken using radiographic techniques. These techniques are particularly valuable in displaying the ....  read more


In-situ Inspection of Dragline Boom Suspension Ropes

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Author: Roger Metcalfe, Stephen Allen, Kelvin Card | CCI Pope

Our objective during this project was to develop a procedure that optimised radiographic image quality for the assessment of internal wire fractures within practical time constraints. It was also hoped that a determination of the likely uncertainty of assessment would be obtained to ....  read more


Investigate Swing Shaft and Pinion Failures on Draglines

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Author: Bruce Manser | WBM

This report presents the findings of a study conducted as ACARP Project Number C12035, which was aimed at investigating swing shaft failures on draglines with a view to developing some specific proposals for ameliorative measures.

A large proportion of the Australian ....  read more


Investigating Vibration Energy Harvesting for Self Powered Sensors at Mine Sites

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Author: Huili Zhang, Binghao Li, Kai Zhao, Mahbub Hassan, Mahmoud Karimi, Bruce Hebblewhite and Serkan Saydam | University of New South Wales, University of Technology Sydney

This project focussed on investigating vibration energy harvesting for self powered sensors at mine sites. Mine Internet of Things (MIoT) has gained considerable attention in recent years due to its potential to enhance safety and productivity in mining operations and pave the way for future ....  read more


Life Extension and Reliability Improvement of Large Electric Mining Shovels

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Author: Gerard Chitty, Tony Carpinteri, Gary Cassidy, Tom Rucinski, Scott Randall, Osvoldo Cortes | MTI, Monash University

Electric shovels are the primary production machine for many mine sites. They offer mine operators relatively low-cost production and a much higher degree of mobility than draglines.  The industry monitors nominated the P&H XPB shovel at Goonyella Riverside (GYRS) mine for the ....  read more


Literature Review of Wheels in OTR Applications

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Author: Lenny McInnes | University of Queensland

The purpose of this project was to identify risks of operating and changing large pneumatic tyres and controls that have been implemented to improve safety, and to review the state of the art of existing wheels and future wheel developments.

The literature showed that OTR wheels used ....  read more


Minimal Perception Requirements to Support Effective Remote Control of Bulldozers

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Author: John Dudley, Jonathan Aw and Ross McAree | CRCMining

Bulldozers often work in hazardous environments. Teleoperation provides a viable means for enabling operators to perform work without being directly exposed to the hazards of these environments. The benefits of utilising teleoperated bulldozers in coal stockpile management tasks, for example, ....  read more


Mining Tyre Integrity Monitoring

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Author: Garry Einicke, Jim Callow | CSIRO, BMT WBM

Driving mine trucks with underinflated and overloaded tyres subjects the steel cords within the tyre walls to cyclic stress and causes them to fatigue. Reinflating such damaged tyres can lead to what is termed a “zipper” failure. This is a rapid progressive failure of the cords and ....  read more


On Board Energy Recovery and Battery Storage Systems for Diesel-Electric Haul Trucks

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Author: Craig Hurkett | Enterprise Improvement Solutions

This project aimed to understand how much energy could be harnessed (and further used) from haul trucks travelling on long downhill runs, to reduce the overall usage of diesel fuel. It is understood that many of the mining operations have pits between 200m to 300m deep and the amount of energy ....  read more


Online Monitoring of Lubrication Oil Contamination and Degradation

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Author: Shengen Hu | CSIRO Energy Technology

The repairs and downtime caused by oil-related engine or other machine failures represent about 30-50% of the operational cost in the Australian mining industry. The reliable monitoring of the effectiveness of working lubrication oils and the condition of lubricant wetted ....  read more


Online Monitoring of Wear and Lubrication Oil Contamination Using a Novel Detector - Field Trials

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Author: Shenggen Hu, Robert Dixon, Ian Hutchinson, Adrian Burger | CSIRO Energy Technology

Reliable monitoring of the effectiveness of working lubrication oils and the condition of lubricant wetted components is crucial to preventing oil related failures of mining equipment.  However, current diagnostic tests based on Scheduled Oil Sampling and used oil analysis cannot promptly ....  read more


Optimisation of Structural Performance of Trucks

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Author: Gerard Chitty, Priyath Amaratunga, Alan Hon, Brian Kerezsi, Daya Dayawansa, Hui Jiao, Henry Bartosiewicz, Osvaldo Cortes, Tom Rucinski | MTI, Monash University

The majority of truck and shovel operations in the Australian coal industry use Caterpillar 789, 793 or Komatsu 830, 930 trucks. These trucks are at various stages of their service life and many of them have experienced fatigue cracking at several locations after a relatively short ....  read more


Performance of Dragline Revolving Frame and Tub Structures at 125% RSL

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Author: Daya Dayawansa, Tony Carpinteri, Henry Bartosiewicz | MTI, Monash University

With mine operators moving to re-rate their draglines to 125% RSL, any structural problems are likely to be exagerated and need investigation. This project sought to evaluate higher loads on the dragline revolving frame and tub structure and develop responsive structural improvements and ....  read more


Predicting Failure of Hydraulic Pumps and Motors

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Author: Graham Manuel | GEM Innovations

All hydraulic piston pumps are high speed components with extreme manufacturing tolerances that produce high pressures and forces. With such fine tolerances, failure is inevitable, causing expensive unplanned downtime and maintenance. This project identified a way of predicting these failures ....  read more


Quarter Scale Synthetic Rope Testing For Dragline Applications

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Author: Nick D'Arcy-Evans, Olaf Rutgrink | AMOG

This report presents the findings of an ACARP research study that continues the investigation, from ACARP project C20026, into the potential of synthetic ropes to provide productivity and safety improvements to mining dragline excavators.


This study focused on testing a ....  read more


Reinforcement and Strengthening of Mining Structures with Pre-Impregnated Composites

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Author: Daya Dayawansa, Jason LeCoultre | Industrial Catalyst Composites Pty Ltd, Maintenance Technology Institute

This project covered the preliminary investigation into using Sitecured Fibre Reinforced Plastics (FRP's) for strengthening structural members in dragline booms, more particularly tubular members in boom and mast structural system.  Sitecure is a process developed by ICD to cure the ....  read more


ShafTest System

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Author: Guy Cotterill, Adam Van Dyke, John Perceval | CW Pope & Associates

This report details the advances made by CW Pope in their determination to develop a system that enabled the monitoring of crack propogation in large shafts.

Shafts and pins are vital components of large items of coal production equipment including:

  • Draglines
 ....  read more


Shovel Load Assist Project

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Author: John Dudley and Ross McAree | CRCMining

This project, also known as SLAP, commenced in 2007 with the vision to develop an autonomous mining shovel that was able to:

· automatically dig material without requiring human involvement;

· load this material into trucks in such a way that the tray capacity is fully ....  read more


Stage Two Report: 11 KV Cable Coupler Systems and Stage One Report: 3.3kV 425 Amp Coupler System

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Author: Stephen Williams | Connec

STAGE 2 REPORT - 11 KV Cable Coupler Systems

There has been insufficient product innovation over the last 25 years to improve mining cable connectors in order to reduce the incidence of cable arcing incidents. These incidents have the capacity to ignite coal dust or flammable ....  read more


Stress Relieving and Pre-Fabricated Nodes for BE Dragline Booms

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Author: Daya Dayawansa, Brian Kerezsi, John Price, Ana Paradowska | MTI, Monash University

A previous ACARP project (C11052) identified weld quality and residual stresses as two major factors contributing to poor fatigue life of BE boom clusters compared to Marion clusters. The traditional fabrication methods that have been used for decades without much improvement are ....  read more


Structural Integrity Evaluation and Crack Detection in Booms with Acoustic Emission

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Author: Brian Wood, Robert Harris, Jason Porter | Metacoustics

Metacoustics has been involved in a number of research projects jointly funded by Metacoustics (71.5%) and ACARP (28.5%) over the past 6 years. One project has been the adaptation of acoustic emission techniques for use in monitoring the integrity of dragline booms. Now that the research ....  read more


System for Dragline Rope Condition Monitoring

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Author: Adam Van Dyck, Heath Raftery | CCI Pope

As a successor to the encouraging results of an earlier project (C13039), the purpose of this project was to confirm and formalise the possibility of producing and measuring vibrations in large wire ropes in order to form an assessment of the condition of the wires within that rope, ....  read more


Tyre Handler Testing Rig Stage 2: Lifting Trials

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Author: Peter Knights, Michael Heitzmann, Stephen Joseph | University of Queensland

Tyre handling is a major source of risk in surface mining operations, and in an incident in 2018, a fatality occurred when a tyre slipped from the grip of a tyre handling machine whilst being washed down.

Project C29043 designed, developed and commissioned a tyre handler gripper ....  read more


Tyre Integrity Monitoring

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Author: Garry Einicke, Jim Callow and Scott Ramsey | CSIRO

Driving mine trucks with underinflated and overloaded tyres subjects the steel cords within the tyre walls to cyclic stress and causes them to fatigue. Reinflating such damaged tyres can lead to what is termed a “zipper” failure in which a rapid progressive failure of the cords ....  read more


Verification of Interoperability Protocol for Commercial Proximity Detection Systems

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Author: Jeremy Thompson, Camrin Peacock and Mark Dunn | CSIRO

This report describes the outcomes from a project to develop an independent software verification tool to assess the compliance of proximity detection systems with an open industry communications protocol.

The requirement for this tool is driven by the fact that collision management is ....  read more


Voltage Stabilisation Using Power Electronics.

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Author: David Gay, Robert Betz and Terrence Summers | University of Newcastle, CRCMining

ACARP project C21030 looked at the applicability of using power electronics for voltage stabilisation in open cut and underground coal mining. The primary outcome has been the analysis of voltage stability issues and the systematic validation of the capability of a Static Compensator (STATCOM) ....  read more


Wear Debris Removal from Dragline Commutators

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Author: David Proud | BMT Commercial Australia

The original aim of this project was to establish a method of removing carbon debris from DC machine commutators which does not rely on PPE as a primary method of protecting operators from the hazard of respirable dust.

Prior to the witnessing of dust removal in Feb 2020, BMT engineers ....  read more


Wear Particle Characterisation - Auto Ident. of Wear & Contamination Particles Found in Lubrication Systems

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Author: Elliott Duff | CMTE

Microscopic examination of wear debris for machine condition monitoring was first introduced in the 70's It is reliable but, for the human analyst, can become a tedious and time consuming task. This has limited its widespread usage. In 1994, CMTE ....  read more


Wireless Health Monitoring Mine Equipment Using RFID and Machine Learning

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Author: Nemai Karmakar, Hossein Masoumi, Shuvashis Dey and Omar Salim | Monash University

Conveyor belts play a pivotal role in the operation, storage, and transportation of bulk materials in the mining industry. Wear and tear of mining conveyor belts as well as monitoring their integrity in real-time mandate a critical concern for safety, security, and maintenance. Zipper failure ....  read more



Health and safety, productivity and environment initiatives.

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Open Cut

Safety, productivity and the right to operate are priorities for open cut mine research.

Recently Completed Projects

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Open Cut

Coal Preparation

Maximising throughput and yield while minimising costs and emissions.

Recently Completed Projects

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The aim of this project is to determine how useful the rheology meas...

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C28056Surface Alloying Of Centrifuge Baskets And Sieve Bends Screen Surfaces To Increase The Service Lifetime

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Coal Preparation

Technical Market Support

Market acceptance and emphasising the advantages of Australian coals.

Recently Completed Projects

C33066Washability And Distribution Of Sulfur And Trace Elements For Different Size And Density Fractions Of Raw Coals

Based on the hypothesis that the levels of sulfur and other toxic tr...

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C34062Improving The Classification Of Microstructure Distribution In Coke CT Images Using Deep Learning And Lineal Path Calculations

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Technical Market Support

Mine Site Greenhouse Gas Mitigation

Mitigating greenhouse gas emissions from the production of coal.

Recently Completed Projects

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This third and final stage of this project was the culmination of a ...

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Application of ventilation air methane (VAM) thermal oxidiser requir...

C23052Novel Stone Dust Looping Process For Ventilation Air Methane Abatement

This multi‐phase project is concerned with the mitigation of m...

Mine Site Greenhouse Gas Mitigation

Low Emission Coal Use

Step-change technologies aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Recently Completed Projects

C17060BGasification Of Australian Coals

Four Australian coals were trialled in the Siemens 5 MWth pilot scale ga...

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C18007Review Of Underground Coal Gasification

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Low Emission Coal Use

Mining And The Community

The relationship between mines and the local community.

Recently Completed Projects

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The focus of this ACARP-funded project has been to identify a number...

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C23016Approval And Planning Assessment Of Black Coal Mines In NSW And Qld: A Review Of Economic Assessment Techniques

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Mining And The Community


National Energy Research,Development & Demonstration Council (NERDDC) reports - pre 1992.

Recently Completed Projects

1609-C1609Self Heating of Spoil Piles from Open Cut Coal Mines

Self Heating of Spoil Piles from Open Cut Coal Mines

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Stress Control Methods for Optimised Development and Extraction Operations

0033-C1356Commissioned Report: Australian Thermal Coals...

Commissioned Report: Australian Thermal Coals - An Industry Handbook