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Our underground health and safety, productivity and environment initiatives include strengthening ventilation and gas management technology, minimising risks from fires and explosions, advancing emergency response technologies, reducing operating costs and improving reliability of subsidence predictions.

Mining Technology and Production (64 Reports)

A Real Time Response Measure for Longwall Face Strata Conditions

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Author: Bob Trueman | Julius Kruttschnitt Mineral Research Centre

In an earlier project a robust methodology and “offline” software was developed for interpreting the shield leg pressure sensor data coming from a longwall face in the context of support strata interaction using a novel characteristic load cycle analysis concept. It is ....  read more


AFC Pan Stability Investigation

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Author: John Vazey | BMT WBM

This study aims at understanding the cause of Armoured Face Conveyor (AFC) pans "lifting" or "surfing" through the cut coal rather than following the floor of the cut. This has been an ongoing problem for underground coal mining operations, and has crippled the operation of ....  read more


Analysis and Design of Faceroad Roof Support (ADFRS) - A Roof Support Design Methodology for Longwall Installation Roadways

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Author: Mark Colwell, Russell Frith | Colwell Geotechnical Services

The aim of this project is to provide the Australian coal industry with a roof support design methodology for longwall installation roadways (ie faceroads) that can be utilised by colliery engineers who have sufficient experience and training in relation to underground coal mine strata ....  read more


Application of Longwall Top Coal Caving to Australian Operations

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Author: Y Cai, Bruce Hebblewhite, U Onder, B Xu, Mick Kelly, Barry Wright | CSIRO Exploration & Mining, University of New South Wales

The aim of this project was to provide the Australian underground coal mining industry with an up to date, state of the art summary of the Longwall Top Coal Caving (LTCC) mining system and its potential for application in Australia. In supporting the project, ACARP requested that the ....  read more


Assistive Shuttle Car System: Stage 1 Architecture

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Author: Jonathon Ralston, Chad Hargrave, Mark Dunn and Robin Burgess-Limerick | CSIRO

This report describes the outcomes of a six month research project to establish the rationale and functional requirements for an assistive guidance system for underground shuttle cars. The need for more effective coal clearance systems has been identified as a major component in ACARP's ....  read more


Automated Mining Horizon Control Using Real-time Coal Seam Sensing

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Author: Jonathon Ralston and Andrew Strange | CSIRO

This report describes the outcomes of an 18 month ACARP-funded research project that focussed on improving the performance of sensing technology for automated coal mining horizon control. Achieving effective horizon control is fundamental for improving mining safety and productivity. However ....  read more


Bolter Miner for Rapid Roadway Development

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Author: Winton Gale, Mahdi Zoorabadi, Barry Wright and Bruno Reumueller | SCT Operations, Sandvik Mining & Construction Australia

The first Sandvik ABM20 bolter miner was introduced into the Australian underground coal industry in 1991 at Tahmoor Colliery, 25 years ago. From this initial machine, the bolter miner has continued its evolution down the path of improved ergonomics, simplified and more reliable engineering, ....  read more


Chain Pillar Design (Calibration of ALPS)

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Author: Mark Colwell, Russell Frith, Christopher Mark | Oceanic Coal, Colwell Geotechnical Services

The aim of this project is to provide the Australian coal industry with a chain pillar design methodology and computer based design tool that can be utilised by engineers and geologists who have sufficient experience and training in relation to underground coal mine strata mechanics. ....  read more


CM Self-Guidance: System Hardening and Underground Deployment

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Author: Mark Dunn, Peter Reid, Michael Vowles, David Reid, John Malos, Jeremy Thompson, Chad Hargrave, Jonathon Ralston, James Beyers | CSIRO

This report describes the outcomes of a 24-month ACARP-funded research project that focussed on the development of a practical self-steering guidance system capability for a continuous miner (CM). This project directly contributed to ACARP's broader CM2010 initiative which aims to ....  read more


Coal Augering

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Author: Frank Roxborough | University of New South Wales

The  Coal  Augering R & D project has  been  progressing in excess of two years and has reached  a point where it has proven  the  technical  feasibility  and practicalities of the  concept  and has identified a number of applications. ....  read more


Coal Augering

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Author: Stan Coffey | Coal Augering

This project set out to demonstrate the application of an underground auger in coal operations.

Its primary objective was to move the prototype to a commercial system. This was achieved, and after a  ....  read more


Conformance Process for Specification and Acceptance Testing of LASC Automation Technology

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Author: Mark Dunn | CSIRO Exploration and Mining

The aim of this project was to develop an industry based conformance process for specification and acceptance testing of LASC compliance devices and applications. This compliance process will ensure that industry retains the flexibility of interchangeable components that are compatible with ....  read more


Delivering the Remotely Operated Longwall

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Author: Jonathon Ralston, Craig James, Samantha Thompson, Andrew Strange, Hayden Clarke, Trent Smythe, Jeremy Thompson, James Beyers, Mark Dunn, Peter Reid, Kevin Saric, Max Ferguson, Camrin Peacock | CSIRO

This report describes the process and outcomes of a project that aimed to accelerate the development of remotely operated longwall systems. The need to achieve fully remote longwall operations has been of major importance for industry in order to meet ongoing safety, productivity, operational, ....  read more


Demonstration and Trial of an Adaptive Protection System

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Author: Richard Griffiths and Peter Stepien | ResTech

This document reports on an extension of the work covered by ACARP project C25069, published in November 2017, and describes and analyses a demonstration and trial of adaptive protection. The aims of the adaptive protection system originally proposed were:

  • To continually
 ....  read more


Determination of Permitted Maximum Capacitance Values for Intrinsically Safe Circuit for Underground Coal Mine Installations

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Author: Mohamed Abdelkrimi | NSW Department of Primary Industries

The currently published tables for maximum capacitances within the intrinsic safety standard (IEC / AS/NZS 60079-11) are believed to be erroneous at least as far as Group I is concerned.

This ACARP Project aims to define by testing the correct and reliable capacitive discharge ....  read more


Development and Demonstration of a Longwall Monitoring System for Operational Decision Making

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Author: Russell Frith, Brian McCowan | ACIRL

This project had the basic objective of demonstrating that powered support monitoring data could be of use in face management and operational decision making on longwall faces. The project has shown quite clearly that this is the case and has made clear ....  read more


Development of a Longwall Floor Sensor

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Author: Jonathon Ralston, Andrew Strange, Zak Jecny and Chad Hargrave | CSIRO

This report describes the outcomes of this project which developed radar-based sensing for measuring the coal-to-stone seam interface depth on a longwall floor. The motivation was to advance the maturity of real-time geosensing to support the development of new geologically-responsive ....  read more


Development of a Portable Acoustic Bearing Fault Detection Monitor of Underground Conveyor Belts

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Author: Peter Georgiou | Vipac Engineers & Scientists

Idler bearing failure on underground conveyors is a significant problem in the Coal Industry. Trunk conveyors in underground coal mines have around 5000 idler bearings per kilometre. With a normal life of about 5 years, ....  read more


Diesel Engine Management

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Author: Julian Greenwood, Terry O'Beirne, Dale Howard | SkillPro Services Pty Ltd

A programmable engine control unit (ECU) has been developed that has potential to be used by diesel engine and/or vehicle suppliers for underground coal mines. It has been retro-fitted to a modern common rail engine, replacing the manufacturer's (tamperproof) ECU, and tested extensively in ....  read more


Dynamic Longwall Equipment Location Model

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Author: Jonathon Ralston and John Malos | CSIRO

This report describes the outcomes of a 12 month ACARP-funded research project that explored the relationship between longwall equipment position requirements and the associated sensing specifications. This project was motivated by the fundamental need to achieve safer and more effective ....  read more


Explosives for the 21st Century: Stage 2

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Author: Alison Freeman, Duncan Chalmers | University of New South Wales

This project was funded in two stages - both published reports are sold together and summarised below:

-  C13025 Permitted Explosives for 21st Century

-  C14039 Permitted Explosives for 21st Century: Stage 2

C13025  Explosives in the 21st Century: ....  read more


Explosives in the 21st Century: Stage 1 - An Investigation into the Rationale of Explosive Used in Underground Coal Mines

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Author: Duncan Chalmers, Karen Freak, Alison Freeman | University of NSW

This project was funded in two stages - both published reports are sold together and summarised below:

-  C13025 Permitted Explosives for 21st Century

-  C14039 Permitted Explosives for 21st Century: Stage 2

C13025  Explosives in the 21st Century: ....  read more


Extended Influence of Geological Conditions and Structure on Longwall Geomechanics

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Author: Michael Kelly, Xue Luo, S Craig | CSIRO Exploration & Mining

Although longwall mining is the principal source of coal from Australian underground mines, the geomechanics of rock failure around an operating longwall has not been clearly understood. In recent years, there have been significant events at many longwall mines associated with this knowledge ....  read more


Extraction Panel for High Production Underground Auger Mining in Australian Conditions

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Author: Paul Buddery, David Hill | Strata Engineering

Underground augering has the potential to recover isolated, irregular pockets of coal that would ordinarily be discounted from reserves as being uneconomic or impractical to extract using the main mining system. A key design issue is the stability of narrow coal webs between auger holes and ....  read more


Face Width Optimisation in Both Longwall and Shortwall Caving Environments

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Author: Russell Frith, Michael Creech, Andrew Williams | Strata Engineering (Australia), Oceanic Coal Australia

This project has conducted fundamental research into the weighting behaviour of thick and massive strata units in close proximity to longwall extractions, the effect on mining, and means of effective control (primarily restricted panel widths).  The impetus for the project ....  read more


Fibre-optic Conveyor Monitoring System

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Author: Saiied Aminossadati, Ben Yang | University of Queensland

This project aimed to develop a fibre optic-based distributed temperature sensing (DTS) system to monitor the temperature change of malfunctioning idlers for heavy-duty conveyor belts in underground coal mines. The main objectives of the project were to investigate various installation options ....  read more


Fitness of Longwall Powered Supports

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Author: Bob Trueman | JKMRC, University of Qld

Powered supports account for the majority of the capital expenditure for a longwall panel and are fundamental to the success of the operation. The adequacy of the support capacity for the geotechnical and geological conditions that will be met during mining and the set pressures can ....  read more


Full Panorama View (360°) Video and Laser FLP Enclosure

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Author: Ron McPhee, Peter Reid and John Malos | CSIRO

The aim of this project was to develop and obtain Ex d certification for a 360° panorama view flameproof enclosure incorporating both new and long established flameproof manufacturing techniques. The development of a panorama flameproof enclosure promises to provide the Australian coal ....  read more


Ground Behaviour about Longwall Faces and its Effect on Mining

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Author: M Kelly | CSIRO Exploration & Mining

Longwall geomechanical research being carried out by CSIRO's Exploration and Mining and Strata Control Technology has resulted in a better understanding of rock failure mechanisms ....  read more


High Capacity Underground Coal Mining: Scoping Study - Defining the System Needs for a 15MTPA Longwall Operation

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Author: David Reece, Greg Rowan, Gideon Chitombo | The Safety Managers, CSIRO Exploration & Mining, University of Qld, SMI

The objective of this project was to conduct an in-depth scoping study to identify the requirements of future high capacity and sustainable underground coal mining in Australia, with a 15MTPA operation from a single underground longwall system as the target (abbreviated as L15).  ....  read more


High Voltage Scoping Study

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Author: George Kirk | Ampcontrol

This project concluded the Australian Coal Industry was lagging general industry in the wider use of higher voltage and energy equipment. There were regulatory impediments to the introduction of higher voltages and poor face equipment performance utilisation and voltage regulation.

It ....  read more


Improving the Efficiency of Longwall Face Recoveries by Managing the Geotechnical Threats

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Author: David Hill, Rob Thomas | Strata Engineering (Australia)

Longwall face recovery is the most involved recurring geotechnical problem faced by operators, with major loss potential should problems occur. However, unlike most geotechnical aspects of coal mining, very little research has been undertaken on the issue of conventional longwall ....  read more


Integrated Longwall Creep Control System

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Author: Jonathon Ralston, Hayden Clarke and Samantha Thompson | CSIRO

This report describes the process and outcomes of a project that explored the development of a longwall creep control system. This project set out with an ambitious goal of developing an integrated closed loop control system to manage longwall creepage with the following objectives:

 ....  read more


Intrinsically Safe (IS) Active Power Supplies

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Author: Andre DeKock, Jim Birch, T Tang | SIMTARS

Intrinsic safety is an explosion protection method applied to electrical apparatus. The basic concept behind intrinsic safety relies on energy limitation to ensure that an ignition of an explosion cannot occur by either spark ignition or thermal ignition.

Generally intrinsically safe ....  read more


Intrinsically Safe RFID Sensors

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Author: Lance Munday | CSIRO

With the desire to achieve higher levels of automation in all aspects of underground coal mining, and particularly on the longwall face and in roadway development areas, there is an urgent need for more sensing capability to improve longwall control, machine localisation, roof bolting, ....  read more


Light Pipes Lighting System

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Author: Ron McPhee, Graham Eyre and Andrew Castleden | CSIRO Exploration & Mining

In this project, a new style of lighting system was developed for use on underground machinery, such as longwall shearers, continuous miners and mobile vehicles.

A 'light engine' constructed from multiple, high power light-emitting diodes was developed and mounted within a ....  read more


Longwall AFC Chain Tension Meter

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Author: Peter Lugg, Zhiqiang Guan, Bart Pienaar | CRCMining

Evaluation of the downtime statistics of two longwall mines studied as part of the Landmark Automation Project showed that AFC (Armoured Face Conveyor) and BSL (Beam Stage Loader) chain related failures accounted for 27% of all downtime.  Virtually all of these failures were caused by ....  read more


Longwall Automation: 10 Years On

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Author: Jonathon Ralston, Craig James, Chad Hargrave, Mark Dunn and David Hainsworth | CSIRO

This report describes the outcomes of a strategic review of current Australian longwall automation practice, capability and requirements, providing the longwall community with an updated assessment of current and emerging industry priorities to help inform ongoing automation development and ....  read more


Longwall Bretby Cable Handling Monitoring with Fibre Optics

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Author: David John, Karsten Hoehn | Mining3, CSIRO

This project examined the potential of using fibre optic sensing technology for enhancing the monitoring and maintenance of longwall shearer operations, concentrating on the Bretby Cable Handling system. Recent developments in fibre optic technology have increased its accessibility and ....  read more


Longwall Guidance using Inertial Navigation

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Author: Daivd Reid, David Hainsworth, Jonathon Ralston, Ronald McPhee | CSIRO Exploration & Mining

The principal objective of the project was to demonstrate that inertial navigation techniques could be used to accurately and independently survey the three-dimensional path of a longwall shearer throughout the mining process. This objective was successfully achieved and the significance for ....  read more


Longwall Horizon Control

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Author: David Hainsworth, Ron McPhee, Jonathon Ralston | CSIRO Exploration & Mining

Objectives: The objective of this project was to evaluate the use of ground probing radar (GPR) to identify the interface between coal and roof/floor material in order to establish  ....  read more


Longwall Top Coal Caving Application Assessment in Australia

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Author: Patrick Humphries, Brett Poulsen, Ting Ren | CSIRO Exploration & Mining

This project has utilised several proprietary and commercially available modelling packages along with field observations and expert opinion to investigate the assessment of LTCC for Australian coal mining conditions.  The project conducted detailed investigations into the various ....  read more


Low Cost Laser and Video 3D Imaging Equipment

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Author: Peter Reid and John Malos | CSIRO

The objective of this project was to design, manufacture and certify a flameproof enclosure that is suitable for housing 3D laser and video-based sensors underground within an explosive atmosphere. All of these objectives were achieved with the result being the Type 2550 Ex db Transparent Dome ....  read more


Matching Longwall Support Design to Industry Requirements in Weak Ground

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Author: Winton Gale | SCT Operations Pty Ltd

This executive summary is written to summarise the key outcomes, however it is difficult to transfer the context of those outcomes with the executive summary. It is essential to read the report to understand the action and limitations of face supports within the mining environment.

 ....  read more


Men and Material Transport Status Needs and Future Directions

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Author: Ross Seedsman | Coffee Partners International

This report presents the analysis of a market study, commissioned by ACARP. The aim was to establish the current industry view of the performance of current transport systems, and point to possible development opportunities by defining market needs. The aims of the ....  read more


Monitoring and Stability Assessment of a Punch Longwall Roadway Developed using Highwall Mining Technology

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Author: Baotang Shen, Mary Fama, J Boldna, D Adhikary, A Maconochie. Appendix III - David Hill | CSIRO Exploration & Mining, GeoTek Solutions. Appendix III - Strata Engineering

This report describes the results of ACARP research project C9007. The project was established to assist an innovative roadway development trial at Kenmare 2, South Blackwater Mine. A continuous highwall mining system (CHM) was used to develop the roadways for a proposed punch longwall ....  read more


Monitoring Systems and Geological Structure Assessment Leading to Improved Management of Mining Conditions

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Author: Terry Medhurst | AMC Consultants

This main aim of the project was to investigate issues associated with longwalling in weak mining conditions and in particular, ground response when mining through faults. The objectives of the project were:

  • By combined longwall support and microseismic
 ....  read more


New Assessment Method for IS Active Power Supplies

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Author: Andre De Kock, M Gido | Simtars

The aim of this project was to develop an alternative assessment and testing method to be used when certifying active intrinsically safe (I.S.) power supplies for use in potentially explosive locations.  The work was to provide testing Authorities and institutions with a procedure ....  read more


New Manufacturing Techniques for Radio Transparent (Dielectric) Flameproof Enclosures

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Author: Ron McPhee | CSIRO

The objective of this project was to source a suitable material and develop engineering techniques required to manufacture a radio transparent (dielectric) flameproof enclosure for use in underground coalmines. The project explored how new materials and manufacturing techniques such as 3D ....  read more


Optimisation of Longwall Mining Layouts under Massive Strata Conditions and Management of the Associated Safety and Ground Control Problems

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Author: Russell Frith, B McKavanagh | Strata Engineering (Australia)

Industry concern regarding the potential hazards of longwall extraction beneath massive strata units is not just a recent phenomenon. It can be traced back to the initial attempts at longwall extraction in Australia in the early 1960's and has been in part linked to the continued increase in ....  read more


Prediction and Management of Adverse Caving about Longwall Faces

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Author: Winton Gale | SCT Operations

This study was commissioned to provide a greater understanding of the ground caving process and the implications to longwall support operation and design. The major focus of the study was on the caving events which cause rock falls on the longwall face or which cause operational problems.

 ....  read more


Quantification of Fault Uncertainty and Risk Management in Underground Longwall Coal Mining

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Author: Roussos Dimitrakopoulos | WH Bryan Mining Geology Research Centre University of Queensland

Fault uncertainty and risk have widely recognized adverse impacts on the exploration and mining of underground coal deposits, especially longwall mining. Geological uncertainties may cause significant delays in production schedules, impose substantial changes to mine plans, reduce expected ....  read more


Research & Trial of Digital Video Technology in Underground Mines (Including CD video demonstrations)

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Author: Paul Cuddihy, George Poropat | A Tripple R, CSIRO Exploration & Mining

This project report consists of two separate reports, one prepared by A Triple R and one prepared by the CSIRO Division of Exploration & Mining. The CSIRO report provides a technical description of the equipment, techniques and procedures utilised in the project while the A Triple R ....  read more


Review of Regenerative Technologies to Increase Longwall Advance Speeds

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Author: Russell Smith | WBM

Longwall coal mining utilises hydraulically operated roof supports. The roof supports are often separated from the pumping hardware by more than 500m. It is perceived throughout the mining industry that the long hoses connecting the pumps and the roof supports ....  read more


Rib Mechanics and Support Systems

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Author: Stan Ostle, M Rataj, Bruce Hebblewhite, Jim Galvin | ANI Arnall, University of New South Wales

The control of coal mine rib stability is an increasingly important issue, particularly with a trend towards narrower roadways, greater depths, more rapid development and the need to accommodate fast moving abutment stresses from retreating longwalls.  Rib control management is a priority ....  read more


Self-Cleaning ExScan and Underground Reflectors

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Author: Matt van de Werken, James Beyers, Joe Perkins, Lauren Hanson | CSIRO

This project addresses the issue of reflector obscuration in longwall mines, which hinders the performance of optical and infrared sensing systems and compromises safety and automation. The objective was to develop a low cost, robust, and reliable self-cleaning reflector for underground coal ....  read more


Self-Drilling Bolt Automation: Bolt Design and Manufacture Method, and Chemical Canister Concept Development - Interim Report

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Author: Mark Levey | OKA Rock Bolt Technologies

The industry priorities of improved safety, productivity, and efficiency of underground roadway development processes are all able to be satisfied with the development of an industry acceptable self-drill roof bolt.

There are several self-drill roof bolt concepts and prototypes that ....  read more


Simplification of Powered Roof Supports

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Author: Peter Lugg | CRCMining

The nature of the coal reserves will largely define the capacity and format of future powered roof support structures.  The productivity of future longwall mine installations will depend on the level of automation and reliability of the electro hydraulic components and systems. ....  read more


Skills Shortage - Identification of Needs for Engineering Training in Longwalls

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Author: Peter Lugg, Dewen Liu, Rebecca Hill | CRC Mining

This report investigates the impacts of the skills shortage on the productivity of longwall faces.  The scope is limited to the supervisors and crews that operate, maintain and procure the longwall face equipment.  Using a combination of face-to-face interviews and written ....  read more


The Influence of Subsidence Cracking on Longwall Extraction

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Author: George Klenowski | Australian Mining Engineering Consultants, Oaky Creek Coal

The aims of this research project have been to document recorded mine inflow rates, particularly where flooding of underground workings has occurred; to monitor the upward propagation of subsidence cracking; to conduct  ....  read more


Tow Force Measurement of Various Mining Equipment

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Author: Daniel Carpenter | BMT WBM

Towing of heavy and light equipment is a vital part of coal mining and occurs regularly. The principle risks involved with the failure of towing components include:

· Uncontrolled release of energy when components fail:

o Safety Alert 156 Towing of Longwall chocks ....  read more


Underground Thick Seam Mining: Old Problems, New Technologies

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Author: Bruce Hebblewhite, Jeff Rowlands | University of NSW, CMTE

In Australia, single pass longwall is the most favoured method of extracting coal from 4.5m to 6m thick seams.  More than six billion tonnes of measured underground mineable coal reserves in Australia exist in thick seams (more than 4.5m) in difficult geological conditions. Often, mining ....  read more


Water Jet Cable Bolt Drill Development & Field Demonstration

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Author: Scott Adam, Joel Kok, David Barry, Dihon Tadic | CRCMining

Drilling and installation of secondary support is considered to be a critical yet low-productivity aspect of underground coal mining. It presents a major obstacle to the vision of rapid roadway development. Rock bolt drills are considered to be high-risk equipment, with key operational risks ....  read more


Water Jet Cable Bolt Drill Investigation

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Author: Dihon Tadic, Scott Adam & Joel Kok | CRCMining

Cable bolt drilling remains a hazardous and labour-intensive task in underground roadway development, primarily due to the manual handling of drill rods and subsequent operator exposure to machinery and unsupported rock mass. A novel technique for continuously drilling cable bolt holes using a ....  read more



Health and safety, productivity and environment initiatives.

Recently Completed Projects

C34019Longwall Bretby Cable Handling Monitoring With Fibre Optics

This project examined the potential of using fibre optic sensing tec...

C28028The Inclusion Of High Interest Native Plants In Mine Site Restoration Programs: Propagation, Translocation And Field Re-Introduction

This report synthesises over 10 years of ex situ and in si...

C27049Mine Machine Radar Sensor Integration

The aim of this project was to develop an integrated radar sensor an...


Open Cut

Safety, productivity and the right to operate are priorities for open cut mine research.

Recently Completed Projects

C34029Validation Of Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) As A Rapidly Deployable Field Technology To Estimate Coal Quality

Rapid evaluation of a coal resource by in-situ characterisation dow...

C34028Guidelines For Assessment Of Geotechnically Safe And Stable Post-Mining Landforms

The purpose of this project was to develop a guidelines document as ...

C34016Elements In Coal – A Start-To-End Analysis

This project explores the fate and concentration potential of critical e...

Open Cut

Coal Preparation

Maximising throughput and yield while minimising costs and emissions.

Recently Completed Projects

C26016Determining The Benefits Of Online Thickener Underflow Rheology Measurements

The aim of this project is to determine how useful the rheology meas...

C33056Modelling And Control Of Classifying Cyclones

Hydrocyclones are one of the key technologies for the classification...

C28056Surface Alloying Of Centrifuge Baskets And Sieve Bends Screen Surfaces To Increase The Service Lifetime

The main objective of this project was to improve the wear resistanc...

Coal Preparation

Technical Market Support

Market acceptance and emphasising the advantages of Australian coals.

Recently Completed Projects

C33066Washability And Distribution Of Sulfur And Trace Elements For Different Size And Density Fractions Of Raw Coals

Based on the hypothesis that the levels of sulfur and other toxic tr...

C34060In-Situ Investigation Of Coke Structure Formation Under Stamp Charged Coking Conditions

Stamp charged cokemaking has emerged as an effective technique to im...

C34062Improving The Classification Of Microstructure Distribution In Coke CT Images Using Deep Learning And Lineal Path Calculations

This project builds on a number of earlier projects that have helped...

Technical Market Support

Mine Site Greenhouse Gas Mitigation

Mitigating greenhouse gas emissions from the production of coal.

Recently Completed Projects

C28076Selective Absorption Of Methane By Ionic Liquids (SAMIL)

This third and final stage of this project was the culmination of a ...

C29069Low-Cost Catalyst Materials For Effective VAM Catalytic Oxidation

Application of ventilation air methane (VAM) thermal oxidiser requir...

C23052Novel Stone Dust Looping Process For Ventilation Air Methane Abatement

This multi‐phase project is concerned with the mitigation of m...

Mine Site Greenhouse Gas Mitigation

Low Emission Coal Use

Step-change technologies aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Recently Completed Projects

C17060BGasification Of Australian Coals

Four Australian coals were trialled in the Siemens 5 MWth pilot scale ga...

C17060AOxyfuel Technology For Carbon Capture And Storage Critical Clean Coal Technology - Interim Support

The status of oxy-fuel technology for first-generation plant is indicate...

C18007Review Of Underground Coal Gasification

This report consists of a broad review of underground coal gasification,...

Low Emission Coal Use

Mining And The Community

The relationship between mines and the local community.

Recently Completed Projects

C16027Assessing Housing And Labour Market Impacts Of Mining Developments In Bowen Basin Communities

The focus of this ACARP-funded project has been to identify a number...

C22029Understanding And Managing Cumulative Impacts Of Coal Mining And Other Land Uses In Regions With Diversified Economies

The coal industry operates in the context of competing land-uses that sh...

C23016Approval And Planning Assessment Of Black Coal Mines In NSW And Qld: A Review Of Economic Assessment Techniques

This reports on issues surrounding economic assessment and analysis ...

Mining And The Community


National Energy Research,Development & Demonstration Council (NERDDC) reports - pre 1992.

Recently Completed Projects

1609-C1609Self Heating of Spoil Piles from Open Cut Coal Mines

Self Heating of Spoil Piles from Open Cut Coal Mines

1301-C1301Stress Control Methods for Optimised Development...

Stress Control Methods for Optimised Development and Extraction Operations

0033-C1356Commissioned Report: Australian Thermal Coals...

Commissioned Report: Australian Thermal Coals - An Industry Handbook